We concentrate on hand crafting our solid plank floors one board at a time through a multiple step process with emphasis on providing the utmost in quality while utilizing more than adequate percentages of long lengths and wider widths.

Chestnut Specialists, Inc. maintains a diverse inventory of reclaimed building materials in an effort to provide an exact fit to our customer’s specifications.

Our standard flooring is ¾” thick, and widths range from 3” to as wide as we can find – sometimes up to 20”. Typical flooring width packages range 3-6”and 5-9”, with specialty orders utilizing widths up to 12” wide and wider when available. Because there is a limited and steadily dwindling supply, we encourage milling random width packages instead of all-one-width, to waste as little of this resource as possible. (customer specified width and length range options are available)

Our flooring is generally milled to a smooth surface. We also supply rough-top boards, which can be left as is, power brushed or lightly sanded on site to keep an old, uneven original surface look.

All of our floors are provided unfinished to allow clients to confer with their designers or builders for the perfect finish for their application. A favorite is an oil-based finish, unstained, to show off the natural beauty of the wood.

All flooring material is carefully hand selected and kiln dried prior to milling.


  • Reclaimed hand hewn barn beams
  • Weathered barn siding
  • Original surface boards and planks
  • Dimensional reclaimed lumber


  • Customer Satisfaction is our utmost priority