Antique wood, full of life and character, is unmatched for its feeling of warmth and stability. The pride we take in preserving America’s heritage is demonstrated in every careful phase of the reclaiming process from disassembly to remanufacture.

The warm look and character of reclaimed wood is the biggest appeal for our customers. For builders and owners of new homes, this flooring can make a large modern space feel warm and inviting, as though it’s been a family homestead for generations. We also supply projects for repair or add on to historical homes, to retain the original patina of lumber that can be up to hundreds of years old.

American Chestnut is beautiful, very rare, rich in character with a naturally enchanting captivating appeal, color, and grain pattern. American Chestnut lumber is essentially obtained only through building material salvage.

Reclaimed oak is a popular choice. It has beautiful character, similar grain patterns to chestnut and is extremely durable.

Long leaf yellow pine is a classic antique flooring choice, and is more durable than other pine and softwoods. Salvaged from factories built from heavy timber. White pine is a bit softer and generally used in wider plank applications. Excellent material for replicating an American colonial period floor

There is nothing that looks like antique flooring remanufactured from reclaimed material obtained from Chestnut Specialists, Inc., with its knots, nail holes, natural distressing and color. Additionally, it’s a “green” product. No live trees are harmed in the making of our floors.